MA in Mass Communication/Sociology.

Sociologist, writer, actor, musician.

Research, design, production

Graduate School Alma Mater

Contracting since 2010.

I am an intuitive leader possessing a charismatic personality and a strong academic foundation. Through diverse and eclectic experiences, I have been well-tested as a creative problem solver who can attend to detail without losing focus of the overall concept or goal. The epitome of diversity, I am seeking a quality position with the possibility for progressive responsibility that will allow me to become a contributing, valued, and integral member of the team.

Diversity consultation: media and communication analysis and strategies, diversity analysis and remediation, personal counseling. We have worked with individuals who seek the numerous competitive advantages gained through active and successful diversity outreach.

White Paper on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Public presence (media production, web design, media & crisis management): beyond simple relations management, we aim to be an approachable, one-stop shop that enables you to control your wholistic narrative from the beginning.

As a Contractor, most assignments I have participated on have required an ability for extreme organizational and communicative prowess, a professional skills set, and discretion with sensitive clientele/proprietary data and personal information.

Please refer to the Contact page for a discussion of opportunities — contracted or permanent — with you or your firm. I would like to have that discussion and would be happy to provide my resume/CV, and then discuss how we may complement each other’s goals.